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Doyle L Self II



Doyle L Self II, the owner of Venetian Plastering, Inc. has been in the decoration field since the age of 18. 10 years ago Doyle became the Exclusive distributor for Safra Colors here in the USA and "The School of Italian Plasters was born. Safra Colors is considered a leader in Italian decorations.


Over the years he has taught thousands of people the lost art of Venetian Plaster. It is no wonder people in the decorative art trade has dubbed Doyle as the "Plaster King" The key to his success can be summed up in a single word, passion.


His passion for decoration has taken him to many places to perfect this trade. He has been trained in Faux Effects, AdiColor, Spatula Stuhhi, Armourcoat, American Clay and Safra Colors. Doyle is no longer the distributor and teacher of Safra Plasters but his legacy lives on. When Argentina decided to restore the Colon in Buenos Aries it was Doyle Self they called for advise with this project. Even though he has been trained in 100's of faux finish techniques his passion lies with the Italian Decorations, "the original Faux Finish". Being trained every year in Italy keeps him not only at the top of his field, but also keeps him motivated by learning new products and techniques. He has worked on many major projects around the country including malls, airports, hotels, restaurants and exclusive estate homes. His team is considered the best of the best. These plaster artisans have been trained by Doyle and all have that same attention to detail that all his projects are famous for. If you are looking for one room in your home done in Venetian plaster, or 100,000 square foot done in Venetian Plaster, Venetian Plastering, Inc. is clearly the preferred choice. We concentrate our work in the Atlanta, Georgia area, but we always will consider interesting projects abroad.


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