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Venetian Plaster Houston Texas


Venetian Plastering, Inc. is a Texas based company serving the Houston area. We offer “true” Italian Plasters or Venetian Plaster from Verona, Italy. With the assistance and expertise of Venetian Plastering, Inc., you can now enjoy the greatness and architectural genius of True Italian Plasters in your own home

We will help you through the entire process. We will start out finding out your needs, your taste and look at your decorations before we recommend a plaster or color.  Sometimes this can be overwhelming. Should I do the ceilings, do I need to do the same plaster in each room? A shiny finish or a matt finish, texture or smooth. Which are durable enough for a kitchen? Do I need to wax or topcoat like the faux products? What about patching, cleaning? We can answer all your questions and even help in color selections. We do not just offer 20 colors like many of our competitors but literally thousands of color combinations are available. Choosing the right finish and color scheme can be a difficult task. We will consult with you to make professional choices that will produce exciting and dramatic interior finishes that create ambiance and stimulate the imagination. We have even designed one of a kind finishes for many of our clients.

Most people in the USA consider Venetian Plasters, a faux finish. The word faux means fake, but there is nothing fake about the Venetian Plasters we apply. If you have ever been to Europe, you know that a faux finish cannot match the beauty of Plaster finishes found there. The longevity is the reason for the popularity of the plasters for so many centuries. Faux finishers use thick paint and call it Venetian Plaster, which have to be sealed, waxed or use a topcoat to make it durable. When you have authentic Venetian Plasters installed in your home you have a wall finish that has proven the test of time. NO paint texture will last a thousand years. Throughout history, only two surfaces have proven to have this kind of durability. (Marble and Venetian Plasters). The cost of marble makes doing your entire home not very practical. But true Italian plaster is made out of marble and once it dries it actually returns back to stone.

Venetian Plaster, the original "GREEN" product, allows the plaster to breathe. This is why they do not mold or mildew like paint or faux finish. The air in your home will become a healthy environment for you and your family.
Patching is a very touchy subject with painters or faux finishes. Many of our plasters patch perfectly. This is also due to the fact that we do not just squirt tint into a bucket of product. We formulate each color and it is accurate to 100th of a gram. We keep records of the tint used on your project so we can come back years later to patch if needed. Most so-called Venetian Plasters are just tinted with universal tints like at the home stores. These kinds of tints do not work in plasters made out of limestone and marble. Our tints are mineral and natural.

Venetian Plastering, Inc. specializes in true Italian Plasters and Tuscany finishes. We have been trained in about 100 different faux finish techniques. Our passion lies not only with only the Italian Decorations but also all types of decorative painting. Our kitchen cabinet finishes are done to perfection. We take the doors off and do them at our shop. That way your doors have that factory finish look? Combine that with our clear coat and you truly have a real factory that will last.  So feel free to have us include cabinets and trim in your projects. We want your finished product to be totally satisfying. So if your looking for  Venetian plaster, wall glaze, cabinet refinishing, murals gilding, Venetian Plastering can handle your needs. 

We have been trained by True Italian Masters in Italy. To keep us on the cutting edge, we further our education almost every year in Italy.

Our focus is the Houston Area although we are available to travel for interesting jobs throughout the country.
Houston, Austin, Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, Miami, San Diego, Scottsdale, Sedona, Los Angles, Tampa, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Maui, Lafayette Albuquerque, Hilton Head, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Baltimore, New Orleans, Palm Beach, Naples, Saint Petersburg, and many others.

Doyle Self Author of Venetian Plastering website lives in Houston, Texas

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